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Addins: Excel macros can be saved as addins (*.xla) so that they load up automatically.  After the file is saved as an  *.xla it will needed to be loaded:  Tools/Addin, then select the designated macro.
The following macro creates double spaces between select rows.

Sub rowDouble()
' Double Macro
' Macro recorded 10/10/2002 by mchirico
mcount = Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address).Count
mrow = Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address).Row
mcol = Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address).Column
k = 0
For n = 1 To mcount
    ActiveSheet.Cells(mrow + n + k, mcol).Select()
    ActiveSheet.Cells(mrow + n + k, mcol).Activate()
    k = n
Next n

End Sub


More samples of in the download.

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